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Henry Dupere Cat & Mouse Garden Sculpture

Henry Dupere Cat & Mouse Garden Sculpture

Henry Dupere Cat & Mouse Garden Sculpture


Cat & Mouse Trivia - Does anyone remember the cat & mouse duo?...Tom & Jerry, a cat & mouse series of animated theatrical shorts, created by Hanna & Barbera. The original cartoon series aired between the 40's & 50's & is notable for having won the Academy Awards for best Short Subject Cartoons seven times!

"Cat & mouse, often expressed as cat-and-mouse game, is an English-language idiom dating back to 1675 that means "a contrived action involving constant pursuit, near captures, & repeated escapes. The 'cat' is unable to secure a definitive victory over the 'mouse,' who despite not being able to defeat the cat, is himself too nimble to be caught. In extreme cases, the idiom may imply that the contest is never-ending."

"In colloquial usage it has been generalized to mean simply that the advantage constantly shifts between the contestants, leading to an impasse or de facto stalemate." from Miriam Webster

A full-time artist living in Arizona, Henry Dupere ia a skilled & passionate metal sculptor. His imagination, sense of humor, & love of nature are expressed inhis unique rusted metal garden sculptures! All of the garden art sculptures in the Dupere collection can be used to add a touch of distinction to any garden or home decor.

Product Details:
  • Henry Dupere Cat & Mouse Rusted Metal Garden Sculpture.
  • Size: Cat - 21" long by 19" high at tail by 6 1/2" wide. Mouse 5-1/2" tall by 12" long by 2-1/2 " wide.
  • Three-dimensional rusted metal Cat & Mouse garden sculpture.
  • Cat eyes: realistic taxidermy glass-like eyes featuring superior craftsmanship.
  • Hand-crafted & made in the U.S.A.

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